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Aug 31, 2023

One out, three in!

We are sad to see the departure of one of our fantastic young developers, even if it’s hopefully only temporary. 

Will is taking some time off to enjoy his youth and travel the world, with an extended trip to land down under. Having joined us two years ago his skills have grown to become one of our in-house experts in React as well as taking the lead in developing the front end of some of our big projects.

We all wish Will the best in his antipodean adventures and hope he avoids some of Oz’s more interesting wildlife in order to come back to us safe and sound.

Completely unrelated to Will’s departure, we’ve actually been working on expanding our team over the past couple of months. We’re incredibly lucky to have found not one, but three promising young developers who have the passion and the discipline to fit in with the rest of the team. Please welcome Connor, Jay and Luke to Yello Studio.