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Taming a wild brief, and unleashing a nationwide campaign.


Title Launch Campaign



Collins' Letts imprint commissioned Yello Studio to design and launch a campaign for a series of educational books aimed at nurturing 9-11 year olds through their primary school years.


The Brief

We were tasked with creating campaign assets that could be used across multiple touchpoints to reach out to parents, educators, and school children in Early Years, KS1, and KS2. The design system had to be both fun and engaging while also being inspirational, taking into consideration the wide age range of the target audience.


The Outcome

We immersed ourselves in the books and worked closely with the team at Collins to create a promotional website. The website featured an interactive educational map, incentivized offers, and competitions that were designed to maximize engagement. To support the campaign, we also designed various print collateral including educative fact files, promotional posters, and competition posters.