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Apr 04, 2024

The Pantone Colour of the Year 2024

For 2024, Pantone opted for "Peach Fuzz," a gentle peach shade that evokes feelings of comfort and peace. 

This light and playful hue sits between pink and orange, offering a touch of vintage charm. It's a significant departure from the bold "Viva Magenta" of 2023, which radiated confidence and energy. 

Looking back at even earlier selections, we see a fascinating journey. In 2022, "Very Peri," a unique periwinkle blue, reflected a desire for innovation and transformation. 

The year 2021 presented a unique pairing: the optimistic yellow "Illuminating" balanced by the dependable grey "Ultimate Gray," symbolising resilience in the face of uncertainty. These selections showcase Pantone's ability to capture the cultural zeitgeist through colour, with each shade reflecting the moods and aspirations of a particular time.

How do we use Pantone colour in our work?

  • Maintaining Colour Consistency: Pantone offers a standardised colour language with specific numerical references. Yello Studio utilises Pantone colours to ensure consistent colour application across their projects, especially when collaborating with printers or web developers. This guarantees the intended shades are reproduced accurately regardless of the medium.
  • Targeted Emotional Impact: Pantone publishes information about the psychology behind various colours. Yello Studio strategically chooses Pantone colours based on the desired emotional response to our designs. For instance, we use a calming Pantone blue to evoke feelings of trust in a financial website or a vibrant Pantone green to represent growth for an eco-friendly brand.
  • Trend Awareness: The Pantone Colour of the Year generates significant buzz in the design world. Yello Studio may incorporate these trending colours subtly within our projects to create a sense of modernity and keep designs current, however, we don't rely solely on trends and would ensure the chosen colours align with your specific project's goals and brand.
  • Building a Colour Palette: Pantone offers a wide range of colours beyond just the Colour of the Year. Yello Studio builds custom colour palettes for each project using Pantone references. This allows for a cohesive and intentional use of colour that complements the overall design concept.

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