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Real-time waiting times. Supporting NHS Trusts.

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Introducing a free app that provides real-time waiting times for emergency departments (A&E) and urgent care services in Devon, Cornwall, parts of Somerset, and Bristol. The app displays waiting times from the nearest five emergency departments/urgent care centres. No matter where you are, at least one emergency department will always appear in the list.


The Brief

Yello Studio was approached by Exeter University to re-develop the existing app, re-design the interface and improve the user experience. 

"Yello Studio worked with the University of Exeter Business School, NHS Devon ICB and NHS Digital to develop the new version of the NHSquicker app. The app supports those with urgent care needs. Yello’s work helped the NHS unlock data and make them available to users, thereby empowering patients to make decisions on care needs. From the research aspect, Yello’s work is helping our teams gather evidence of the app's efficacy, which, in the long run, may support policy. The app was developed using a product co-development approach with several iterations; Yello attended numerous meetings and provided key technical and product development inputs, which allowed us to deliver the app to the NHS on time, within budgets and with more functionality than was originally planned. It goes without saying that Yello’s work on NHSq was exceptional and it is my great pleasure to recommend them!"

- Professor of Analytics and Operations Management -


Our Solution

A thoughtful re-development process, fueled by in-depth analytics, user journey mapping, and a modern design refresh. By analysing user behavior, you can identify pain points and streamline the user journey, making the app feel intuitive and effortless. A fresh design, informed by user preferences, will not only enhance the app's visual appeal but also make features easier to discover and use. This trifecta of insights leads to a more engaging and effective app, boosting user satisfaction and achieving your app's true potential.