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Securing customer loyalty through consistent branding.

Perimeter Fencing

Product Launch



When Truguard presented us with a multi-channel branding brief, we were not deterred. The security fencing product was still in its early stages of development when the parent company, Amari Metals, approached us to create the brand name, identity, website and supporting marketing assets for its upcoming launch in the UK's security fencing market.


The Brief

The initial brief was to analyse the sector, develop a strategic review, develop core messaging and develop a straplines audit. This informed the positioning of the brand before moving on to creative development.



Being armed with an understanding of the target audience and the required mechanisms for targeted marketing communications, Truguard is now a respected brand in the B2B security fencing sector.

"I commissioned Yello Studio to create a brand, e-commerce website and animated demonstration of our new product. Requiring a whole host of creative and technical skills, contributions from across the team were always friendly, positive and professional. The brand, collateral and website in particular features easy to share content, strong messages and simple calls to action combined with a look that has given our brand some personality and set a benchmark for the industry."

- Marketing Lead, Truguard -